SUNTORY Hakushu Distillery Visit(1)

I visited the Hakushu Distillery of Suntory in early May of the consecutive holidays, Golden Week.

The Hakushu Distillery offers standard tours for visitors, and there are three courses with process visits (80 minutes / 110 minutes) and free courses without process visits (25 minutes).  I joined an 80-minute paid course. Participation fee was 1000 yen.


In order to take part in the tour, you need to make an advance reservation over the internet or on telephone. I tried to reserve the course at the end of April, but all the weekends and holidays in May had already been booked.  I strongly recommend early booking.  However, I think that it is better to check frequently on the Internet if you want to make a reservation immediately, as cancellations may be unexpectedly given.  Actually, I made a reservation by waiting for cancellation.

[View from the observation deck ]   

Take a limited express "Azusa" at 10 o'clock in Shinjuku and it arrived at the nearest station Kobuchizawa at 11:52. It took about 2 hours.  It takes about 20 minutes by car from the station to the distillery.  On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, Suntory provides a free shuttle service between the station and the distillery.  It is convenient.


I paid my entry fee at the reception and walked towards SUNTORY museum of the whisky, where the tour would start.  It was a beautiful place, as they say it is a forest distillery.  I was convinced that whiskey made in such places would be delicious.  On the way, I heard that ,"Yoru ga kuru ( the night comes )", famous for the "SUNTORY OLD's" CM song. It is a good song.  Stunning atmosphere has risen.  I arrived at the museum in about 5 minutes.


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