Talisker Aged 10 Years

Talisker Aged 10 Years

Talisker、Scoth、Islay、Recommend、Kan、Peak for taste、temperature

Single malt 

Isle of Skye, Scotland

Mature years: 10 years old

Main aging barrel:American oak 

Alcohol: 45.8%


Reference price: 3,800 yen


A masterpiece of a single malt made by only distillery in Isle of Skye, also known as "The King of drinks" by R. L. Stevenson, the author of "Treasure Island". A powerful whisky with a strong aroma of peat and sea tide and smoky sweetness.



Salty reminiscent of seawater, citrus sweetness and smoky flavor of peat.



Salty and spicy. Smokey and strong malt taste. Sweetness like dried fruits. Also feel the taste reminiscent of raw oysters.



Suitable for

Taste it alone or with a small group of good friends.


Ratings and reviews: 4.0 

Peak for taste (after the opening):2 weeks

Suitable temperature33