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Single malt


Mature years: NAS (Non Age Statement)

Main aging barrelHogs head cask, Bourbon cask

Alcohol: 43%


Reference price: 4,200 yen


Single malt whisky made in a distillery surrounded by a beautiful forest. It is one of the Suntory's leading brands, with freshness like the young leaves of the forest, sweet and sour aroma of fruit, and smoky flavor.  And they are well balanced. You can enjoy the delicate taste that is the feature of Japanese whiskey. It is a NAS (non-aged) product released in place of popular brand "Hakushu 12 years" which was discontinued due to the recent popularity surge of Japanese whiskey.



Green apple, citrus, mint, faint sweetness, faint smoky flavor



Light and refreshing taste, slight acidity and sweetness. Its finish is clear and crisp.


Suitable for

Perfect for having a good time drinking with friends and family. If drink outdoors on a sunny day, you will be able to further enhance the refreshing taste.


Ratings and reviews: 3.5
Peak for taste (after the opening)
1 week
Suitable temperature