The Glenlivet 18 Years

The Glenlivet 18 Years

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Single malt 

Speyside, Scotland

Mature years: 18 years old

Main aging barrel:American oak, European oak

Alcohol: 43%


Reference price: 8,000 yen


The Scotch whisky produced by the first official Scottish Distillery which is said the origin of a single malt. The single malt whiskey with world second sales record. The Glenlivet is particular about high quality. Its mother water springs in the distillery premises. Aging with a combination of First fill and Second fill American oak casks and Sherry casks.  18 years is the gem of the award winning Glenlivets. 



The sweetness reminiscent of dried fruits and spicy. Dense but colorful scent



Rich and smooth. Sweet scent reminiscent of fruits such as raisins, ripe apples, chocolate and vanilla. The vanilla scent disappears from around 36 ° C and more, then the bitter chocolate flavor intensifies.


Suitable for

Tast alone or with a small group of friends.


Ratings and reviews: 4.75

Peak for taste (after the opening):1 week

Suitable temperature35/37℃