The Dalmore 12 Years

The Dalmore 12 Years

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Single malt 

Highland, Scotland

Mature years: 12 years old

Main aging barrel:Sherry cask, Bourbon cask

Alcohol: 40%


Reference price: 6,700 yen


Sweet and sour scent reminiscent of Citrus fruit and raisins and sweet aroma of vanilla and honey.  The flavor of bitter chocolate. Complicated and rich taste whiskey. A well-known Northern Highland whisky that is used as a key malt of White Mackay.

A bottle with a deer emblem on the front is also impressive.



Citrus fruits, raisins, vanilla, honey, bitter chocolate



Sweet aroma reminiscent of raisins, marmalade, vanilla and honey and Bitter chocolate flavor. It has good harmony of sweet aroma reminiscent of ripe fruits and rich taste of bitter chocolate. Rich but smooth and easy to drink. It finishes not too sweet. 


Suitable for

Tast alone or with a small group of friends.


Ratings and reviews: 4.25

Peak for taste (after the opening):1 week

Suitable temperature35/37℃