Lagavulin Aged 16 Years

Lagavulin Aged 16 Years

Lagavulin、Scoth、Islay、Recommend、Kan、Peak for taste、temperature

Single malt 

Isle of Islay, Scotland

Mature years: 16 years old

Main aging barrel:American oak, European oak 

Alcohol: 43%


Reference price: 6,800 yen


A single malt made in a distillery facing the Gulf of Lagavoulin on Isle of Islay. One item that is described as the definitive edition of Islay aged over 16 years in oak cask.



It combines the smoky nature of peat with iodine and seaweed, which are characteristic of Islay malt, and a sweet aroma that makes you feel rich.



Dry smoky of peat, sweetness, the taste of salt of the sea. And an elegant finish follows.  


Suitable for

Drink quietly at night, alone or with a small group of friends


Ratings and reviews: 5.0 

Peak for taste (after the opening):1 week

Suitable temperature37