Glenfiddich Aged 12 Years

Glenfiddich Aged 12 Years

Glenfiddich、Scoth、Speyside、Recommend、Kan、Peak for taste、temperature

Single malt 

Speyside, Scotland

Mature years: 12 years old

Main aging barrel:Bourbon cask, Sherry cask 

Alcohol: 40%


Reference price: 3,000 yen


It is the best-selling single malt marketed for the first time in the world.  It is made only of malt original liquor aged over 12 years in the traditional manufacturing process.  It is the best choice for a single malt starter because it has a colorful and elegant aroma and smooth texture.  A beautiful green triangle bottle shoud be one of the reasons for its popularity.

It is colorful and elegant, with a fruity and sweet scent reminiscent of a pear.



Sweet, fruity and elegant taste.   It is well-received because it is smooth and easy to drink.
Suitable for

You can enjoy it in any scene because it is smooth and easy to drink.


Ratings and reviews: 4.3 

Peak for taste (after the opening):3 weeks

Suitable temperature36