The Macallan 12 Years

The Macallan 12 Years

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Single malt 

Speyside, Scotland

Mature years: 12 years old

Main aging barrel:Sherry cask 

Alcohol: 40%


Reference price: 6,800 yen


It is called "Rolls-Royce" of single malt, and is said to be the highest peak of single malt whisky. "12 years" is the standard product of The Macallan brand. Only using spirit aged at least 12 years which aged  in Oloroso sherry oak casks from Spain. It features a fruity aroma and a rich mouthfeel.



Sweetness reminiscent of dried fruits derived from sherry cask.  Faint spices, heavy and colorful scent.



Rich, smooth, sweet. Sweet finish with sherry, dried fruits and chocolate. Even if thought found it was not your tastes at first, you may be fans before long.


Suitable for

Tast alone or with a small group of friends.


Ratings and reviews: 4.5

Peak for taste (after the opening)2 weeks

Suitable temperature35/33