Miscellaneous · 2019/06/09
SUNTORY、Distillery、 Hakushu、Visit、Pot stills
There are 25 people all gathered at the site. Senior men group, some couples , families, etc. After watching a video of Hakushu Distillery in the lobby on the ground floor of the museum, we started the distillery tour to see production process. We walked to the brewing and distilling building. Here we watched the following: 1. Whisky ingredients You can see the real malt and peat. It is a valuable experience to smell peat directly. 2. Fermentation in wooden container You can see how the wort is...
Miscellaneous · 2019/05/12
I visited the Hakushu Distillery of Suntory in early May of the consecutive holidays, Golden Week. The Hakushu Distillery offers standard tours for visitors, and there are three courses with process visits (80 minutes / 110 minutes) and free courses without process visits (25 minutes). I joined an 80-minute paid course. Participation fee was 1000 yen. In order to take part in the tour, you need to make an advance reservation over the internet or on telephone. I tried to reserve the course at...