SUNTORY Distillery Hakushu Visit(2)

SUNTORY、Distillery、 Hakushu、Visit、Pot stills
[ Pot stills ]

There are 25 people all gathered at the site. Senior men group,  some couples , families, etc. After watching a video of Hakushu Distillery in the lobby on the ground floor of the museum, we started the distillery tour to see production process. We walked to the brewing and distilling building. Here we watched the following:


1. Whisky ingredients

You can see the real malt and peat. It is a valuable experience to smell peat directly.


2. Fermentation in wooden container

You can see how the wort is fermented in the wash back.


3. Pot stills

There are various pot stills that differ in size and shape. They must be what most visitors want to see at the whisky distillery. They are worth watching.

SUNTORY、Distillery、 Hakushu、Visit、Storehouse
[ Storehouse ]

After we were satisfied with seeing pot stills, we moved to see the process of aging. Took a bus to a storehouse on the premises.


4. Storehouse

First of all, we listened to the explanation of casks, then we visited the storage. The view of hundreds of casks laying down in the storage was spectacular. It is anoter highlight of the distillery tour.  It's awe-inspiring scent, and it makes me feel solemn when I look at a whisky that waits quietly for aging.


5. Tasting

The last of the tour is the tasting of Hakushu and malt whiskies. Some might be looking forward to it most. The whisky after watching the manufacturing process was exceptionally tasty good. The nuts smoked with whisky casks were greatly delicious when eaten with whiskies.


After tasting, we walked to the factory shop and broke up there. It was a really enjoyable tour of 80 minutes.

SUNTORY、Distillery、 Hakushu、Visit、BAR Hakushu
[ BAR Hakusyu]


6. BAR Hakushu

There was another pleasure at the Hakushu Distillery. It was BAR Hakushu next to the factory shop. Here, we can drink whiskys which are hard to got such as Hakushu 25 years, Hibiki 30 years, etc., which are now sold out. It was wonderful time.

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