PAUL GIRAUD 25 ans d’âge

PAUL GIRAUD Extra Vieux 25 ans d’âge

PAUL GIRAUD、Brandy、Cognac、Recommend、Kan、Peak for taste、temperature


Grand Champagne 100%

Mature years: 25~40 and more years

alcohol: 40%


Reference price: 13,000yen


Famous “Propriétaire”, Paul Giraud's exclusive label for Japan. Although labeled as 25 years aged, it is mixed with a matured eau-de-vie of over 40 years. It is a special version that has increased mellowness and strength. It tastes different from world label version. A great introduction to Paul Giraud.



Elegant and fragrant. Mellow honey scent.



Elegant and fragrant. Mellow honey scent.



Suitable for

Taste alone or with small good friends.
Ratings and reviews: 4.25 
Peak for taste (after the opening):1month and more
Suitable temperature35